Anti-virus spyware

In Uncategorized on March 4, 2010 at 4:09 pm

Someone at work was recently infected by malware posing as anti-virus software.

Screenshot of malware posing as anti-virus software

Malware posing as a virus-scanner

I don’t find it very surprising seeing how realistic it looks. Of course, if this was Internet Explorer, maybe the toolsbars could be hidden.

Some basic rules of internet safety:

  • Don’t run Internet Explorer (I recommend Google Chrome, or FireFox with the Adblock extension).
  • Don’t run as Administrator.
  • Don’t download and run any executable from the internet. For the rare times that you must, make sure you verify the origin.
  • Use different passwords for websites with differing values (e.g. your bank password should not be reused at  I recommend using a password manager.
  • Never, ever give out your password.  If you don’t use a password manager, then read the address correctly: is not the same as
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